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Our faculty member reported a breakthrough in the field of Site-selective modification

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Recently, the group of Dawen Niu published a paper entitled “Site-selective mono-O-allylation of polyols” inNature Communications.

Site-selective modification of complex molecules allows for rapid accesses to their analogues and derivatives, and, therefore, offers highly valuable opportunities to probe their functions. However, to selectively manipulate one out of many repeatedly occurring functional groups within a substrate represents a grand challenge in chemistry. Yet more demanding is to develop methods in which alterations to the reaction conditions lead to switching of the specific site of reaction. We report herein the development of a Pd/Lewis acid co-catalytic system that achieves not only site-selective, but site-switchable mono-O-allylation of polyols with readily available reagents and catalysts. Through exchanging the Lewis acid additives that recognize specific hydroxyls in a polyol substrate, our system managed to install a versatile allyl group to the target in a site-switchable manner. Our design demonstrates remarkable scope, and is amenable to the direct derivatization of various complex, bioactive natural products.

For link of this paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-020-19348-x.

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